Gilang Ilham Pradana is a UI/UX Designer

Hi, my name is Gilang Ilham Pradana, UI/UX Designer. I have 1 years of experience in this field. In my time within 1 years, i have 3 different experience in several field, first i became a full time employee at startup company as UI/UX Designer. In this case, i have to improve UI and UX of my company's product so we can get a revenue and can make easier for user using our product. Second, i join in my friend's new born Branding and Advertising Agency, in this case i became a freelancer for designing website to start a branding for a client (web designer) and last experience join a Software house, it a service that answer client needs and problem as UI/UX Designer. I'm a type of person who give 100% best effort to create something better than before, on time and try to help client/user to answer their problem efficiently.