Fernando Castro is a Product Designer / UI / UX

Hi, I'm Fernando Castro. I consider myself a very curious, creative person with a great desire to create products that communicate the right message to achieve a change. I have more than 6 years of experience working as Product Designer / UX / UI / CX for different companies in Mexico and the United States in areas such as technology, medicine / healthcare, finance, content monetization, E-commerce / retail and finally Artificial intelligence for government projects in both countries. Being able to share challenges with multidisciplinary teams in different cities, being in charge of small and large teams have been some of the things that have helped me the most to forge my professional character for what I am now and I take each new day as a great opportunity to improve, learn more and share challenges with new companies, needs and make this world something better, be it with results based on metrics, monitoring, user experience, international accessibility standards and finally interfaces that look good and even better your best work. I have many certifications from different facets of my profession, digital marketing, social media, programming, professional relationships, organizational communication, digital tools for the world of work and many more in process.